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7 Day Free Trial - See Results for up to 90 MLB Games 68 Pre-Determined Stats - Software Calculates - Game Winner, Over/Under, Run Line Winner. No Obligation / No Credit Card Needed



    With the 7 Day Free Trial you will have the same access to everything available just like the Premium Plan.  We will tell you what stats we use, where to retrieve them, and access to the MLB Game Predictor software to accurately determine the winner, the over/under, and the line spread.  You will have the option to retrieve the stats yourself or if you are short on time, have us retrieve them for you.  There is no difference between the 7 Day Free Trial and the Premium Plan.  Although we tell you what stats to use and give you links where to find them in all plans, along with instructions, the Basic Plan does not include our stat gathering, you must do that yourself.


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